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HighScore 4 You

Good networked into the Future

With the slogan HighScore 4 U , representatives of the cooperation partners Cretec GmbH and VSPM e. V. met on October 6th next to each other. also representatives of the youth welfare office MKK, head of the vocational school in Gelnhausen and representatives of politics as well as the press..

The VSPM e. V. is an educational institution and active in school social work in the Main Kinzig Kreis. With Cretec GmbH VSPM e. V. found a company in the area of Industry 4.0 as a partner.

The main aim of the cooperation is to bring young people between 12 and 21 years of age closer to the prospects for their career decisions and to inspire them to become enthusiastic about the professions of "networked technologies" and about the new jobs in industry 4.0...

Young people are to be taught the basics of understanding new technologies and sensitized to the topic of data security.

HighScore 4 U is the first step of a cooperation that reaches into the future, in order to make the new professions and industries known to a broad public and to introduce young people to the new technology in a sustainable way. HighScore 4 U is aimed at young people in vocational training and vocational schools in the Rhein Main Kinzig area.