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Vision Tube

Code verification with autofocus

  • Closed verification system - Ready to use
  • One Button Action
  • 10 megapixel resolution
  • Halcon algorithm
  • Verification according to ISO 15415,15416,29158 or AIM/DPM
  • Code structure check (GS1, PZN,...)
  • Visualization of defects in the code
  • Direct signalling of the verifi cation result via coloured illuminated ring - green (A, B), yellow (C), red (D, F)
  • Output of a detailed and robust verification log
  • Storage of the digital results in a tube and storage via USB and network interfaces

Universally applicable

  • Homegenes „Offaxis“ Incident light (dome lighting)
  • Axial incident light (coax lighting)
  • 4 segment „Low Angle“ lighting 30°
  • 4 segment „Low Angle“ lighting 45°

  • World‘s only verifi cation system with autofocus
  • 100% integrable into the production line

5 Year Guarantee

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