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SmartCam Predator Serie

Embedded Vision Hybrid

  • Computing power like a high-end PC system (i5)
  • Sensor resolution from VGA to 5MP - Global Shutter
  • Visualization, control, job selection via web browser
  • Integrated fl ash controller
  • Micro SD card for image storage, job storage, software licenses, min. 30GB space
  • Standards from yesterday, today and tomorrow - Support of all industry protocols
  • Digital communication:
    2 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs - real time
  • Compatible with virtually any system:
    Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Solid aluminium housing (115 x 54 x 62mm) with intelligent heat management
  • Freedom through fl exible algorithms kernel

Flexible algorithms kernel


The Predator series includes two network controllers. Thus, the Camera on the one hand communicate with the bus systems of the systems on the other hand and on the other hand, pass the results in a second protocol format to higher-level systems. Both controllers have their own industrial M12 connectors.

For example, it is easy to integrate the camera into a Profi Net network and communicate within this network with the participants via Profi Net, while simultaneously sending the results via OPC UA to a higher control center or a cloud.

Even old bus systems such as Profi Bus can be used for communication.

5 Year Guarantee

Predator - Multikommunikativ

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